Naira crunch: Nigerians encourage banks to administer N100, N50 notes

As the impacts of the ongoing money crunch nibble harder, Nigerians have approached the National Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to sway business banks to administer N100 and N50 notes to Nigerians.

They settled on the decision in discrete meetings with NAN on Thursday in Lagos.

Mr Benedict Chukwuweike, a bookkeeper, said that administering the N100 and N50 notes would assist with settling the prompt test of admittance to the new naira notes.

Chukwuweike especially noticed that in nations like the US, the most noteworthy section generally available for use is $100.

He said that the nation could copy such nations as the issuance of more N500, N1000 notes turns into an issue.

As indicated by him, the improvement will assist with checking expansion and draw in more worth to the country’s cash.

Likewise speaking, Mrs Eniola Gbadamosi, an Instructor, said that apportioning of the N100 and N50 notes ought to have been the option forthcoming while issues encompassing the overhauled notes would be settled…

As per her, the N100 and N50 notes have become important to her as the notes have assisted her with adapting to the naira crunch.

I began gathering the N100 and N50 notes in January when the intensity of the January 31st cutoff time encompassed the country.

Much to my dismay then, at that point, that the crunch will deteriorate to what it is presently. Today, my N100 and N50 notes have been extremely helpful,” she said.

miss catherine lawson, a jobless youth, let nan know that she boarded a transport on wednesday and was fortunate to have the n100 and n50 notes on her.

Mrs Judith Chukwukadibia, a legal counselor, expressed that since the emergency began and those in the metropolitan regions were sobbing for cash, she realized it would be more regrettable in the rustic regions.

Thus, what I immediately did was to change my cash into N50 notes which I shipped off my folks in the town.

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