2022: NECO SSCE External Results Now Available Online

NECO 2022 SSCE Outer Outcomes Now Accessible On the web

The Public Assessments Chamber (NECO) has as of late delivered the aftereffects of the 2022 Senior School Testament Assessment (SSCE) Outside on the web.

This is extraordinary information for the a great many understudies who participated in the test and have been enthusiastically anticipating their outcomes.

About our test expenses

Schools (focuses) are to enroll their applicants utilizing the disconnected application prior to logging on the web to the NECO enlistment gateway to impact installment of enrollment and other obligatory expenses prior to transferring the competitors’ information.

The base number of possibility to be enlisted by a school for SSCE Inside is twenty (20). Any middle enrolling under 20 competitors is considered unviable.

Note: Enrollment cards will at this point not be utilized with impact from 2019. Schools (Focuses) are to thought of competitors list (Approval archive) and take it to NECO state office for approval, NECO will designate the quantity of applicants approved and afterward assign standard to the middle. Focuses will then, at that point, sign in to the NECO entry and pay the enlistment charges into the NECO TSA web based utilizing the installment choices. When installment is effective, the competitors’ information can be transferred from the disconnected application and really at that time will test numbers be produced for the up-and-comers.

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