Ticket for Messi, Ronaldo conflict sold for $2.6m

football fan has dished out $2.6 million for a celebrity pass to watch Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi clash in Saudi Arabia, ESPN reports.

The show match will be played at Lord Fahd Global Arena on Thursday.

It will highlight Paris Holy person Germain and Messi confronting a chose XI comprised of players from Al Hilal and Ronaldo’s new club Al Nassr.

An exceptional “Past Creative mind” ticket for the match was sold by the Saudi government. It guaranteed the champ the opportunity to meet Ronaldo and Messi.

The offering started at $260,000 and ultimately rose to $2.6m. The cash raised will apparently be given to good cause.

The match in Riyadh could be the last time Ronaldo and Messi take the field together.

The two players last highlighted in a similar game during Barcelona’s 3-0 Heroes Association rout to Juventus in December 2020.

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