This is a brief biography of Hamisu Breaker kannywood industry legend and musician.

This is a brief biography of Hamisu Breaker kannywood industry legend and musician.

As you know, Hamisu Breaker is one of the biggest names in the kannywood industry.

Hamisu Breaker is a great musician because at the moment no one knows her.

No one in the world knows Hamisu Breaker because his songs are so popular in the world and now we have more than 300 songs.

2, Second Song “LIFE OF THE WORLD
3, The third song “JARUMA
5, Song 5 “SO LINZAMI
6, Song Six “GARIN SO
7, Seventh Song “THE GIRL OF THE WORLD
8, Eighth Song “DAN DAKO
9, The Ninth Song “DARAN ALKHAIRI
10, The tenth song “UMMUL KHAIRI

As you can see in the list of these 10 songs They are the songs that have elevated Hermes Breaker in the world as it is now All of the kannywood musicians no one is more beloved than Hamisu Breaker.

Hamisu Breaker has also set a precedent that no other musician has ever set in the kannywood industry because there is a destination and no musician has ever been there.

Recently, rumors were circulating that Hamisu Breaker would marry Momee gombe as this story has spread on social media and many people are hoping to hear more about their marriage with Momee gombe.

Many people have denied the rumor that Hermes Breaker will marry Momee gombe as many others believe the story.

The reason people agree with this article is that in the whole kannywood industry there is no one who Momee gombe Goes to look like Hermes Breaker and you will find that all the songs she is riding are owned by Hermes Breaker.

Hamisu Breaker will also make a video of himself singing a song. He does not call a hero in the kannywood industry.

And many people say that Hamisu Breaker is the one who killed Momee Gombe and got married to her in the film industry.

Just a few days ago a quarrel broke out between Hamisu Breaker and adam fasaha as Fasaha was the ex-husband of Momee Gombe before she entered the kannywood industry.

Umar Fasaha is also one of the leading singers in the kannywood industry as Hamisu Breaker is a great friend and he has always been a part of the kannywood industry.

Many people are now talking that Hamisu Breaker is the one who killed Momee and married her in the kannywood industry. Interview with singer Hamisu Breaker.

He added that the six did not kill Momee gombe marriage was the one who killed Auranta by entering the kannywood industry and he included in his songs and then he was glorified in the world and many people know him.

And Hermes Breaker’s daughter is known all over the world because she is the Glory that people know.

Itama Momee gombe is planned as she says it was not Hamisu Breaker who killed her, it was only God who made them stay with her husband Umar Fasaha.

According to Umar Fasaha in the kannywood industry she knew and took it and recorded it in her song “SO MAKAHO NE” this is the song that Momee gombe started in the kannywood industry.

Zalika also said that there is no rivalry between them and her ex-husband Umar Fasaha.

Meanwhile, Hamisu Breaker says there is no marriage proposal between them and Momee Gombe because he is not going to get married now and he is not going to marry a movie star. He says they are at peace with Momee.

Right now Umar Fasaha says he doesn’t have Momee gombe and many other people are talking about the fact that he should have made Momee gombe her room because they are compatible and may God bless her room

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