Biography of Ummi Rahab, actress of Kannywood Industry.

Biography of Ummi Rahab actress of Kannywood Industry.

As you know, Ummi Rahab was a famous actress in the Kannywood industry, as she is now famous in the world, so there is no place where Ummi Rahab is not known.

Ummi Rahab was born on Friday at around 7:00 pm in the area of ​​the “White Mosque”.

As you know now, actress Ummi Rahab has become a big actress in the Kannywood industry, as now there is no other woman in the world who is like Ummi Rahab.

Right now, wherever you go, Ummi Rahab is being talked about because now she has risen to prominence in the world and has been a hero in the Kannywood industry for the past few weeks.

When Ummi Rahab was a little girl, she entered the film industry because when she was 7 years old, she started appearing in a movie called “UMMI”.

This movie called “UMMI” is the first movie that Ummi Rahab made in the world as Adam A Zango appeared as her father in the movie “UMMI”

From the beginning of Ummi Rahab’s rise in the Kannywood industry, she met Adam at the camp as he considered her as his daughter.

All the things Ummi Rahab came to Adam in the camp, he was doing for her because it was in Adam’s house in the camp and Zama seemed to be the one who gave birth to her son.

Gaga When the actress Ummi Rahab did the movie “UMMI did not participate in another movie because the actress was forgotten and some people thought that she died.

After 6 years, Adam returned with Ummi Rahab to the Kannywood industry as he starred in his film called “FARIN WATA KALLO”.

Many people were surprised to see Ummi Rahab come back to the Kannywood industry because everyone started thinking that the actress died and then Adam was seen in the camp and brought her back.

At the time, many people did not realize that Ummi Rahab was gone until they were told about it and they realized it was a tree.

Because at the time Ummi Rahab grew up and became a young woman as at the time many people said Adam should not bring Ummi Rahab back to the Kannywood industry.

A lot of people are saying that when she was a child, Rahab said that she was against her studies but he brought her back into the Kannywood industry when Adam was living in the camp and insulted many people.

Adam did not speak at the time about the insults that people were saying to him because he was honest.

The film “FARIN WATA SHA KALLO” greatly glorified Ummi Rahab in the world because many people did not know her until they saw her in the program “FARIN WATA SHA KALLO”.

Right now, Ummi Rahab has done more than 20 movies, as here are some of the movies that the actress has done.

1, The first film is “UMMI
2, The second film is “FARIN WATA”.
3, The third film is “WUFF
4, The Fourth Film is “No
5, The fifth film is “GARIN SO”.

These 5 films are the films that made Ummi Rahab famous in the world as now the actress is famous in the world no matter where she is known.

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