Tinubu wins APC President primaries Defeats Osinbajo other

He is now widely expected to win the by-elections.

As you know, elections are being held today because so many people are voting and they are voting and he is happy about that.

Here is more information on this much-anticipated victory.

As you have watched this video now you can read more and now we are talking to you many people are hoping that bala tunubu will win this election.

If you don’t forget, Osinbajo also has a fan base in the APC because President Muhammadu Buhari has decided to field him as the APC candidate.

Bala Tunubu is now hoping to win this election because the votes are now counted and he is the frontrunner for the most votes.

However, some of Osinbajo’s supporters say he will not be able to win the election because he has more fans and more popularity.

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