Today’s Npower News May 13, 2022, | Latest News on Npower Payments and Device

Today’s Npower News May 13, 2022, | Latest News on Npower Payments and Device
In today’s Npower news, we’ll discuss some of the concerns surrounding the Npower scheme, such as the Npower device, the Npower duration, and the payment of Npower March stipends. So keep reading!
As you are all aware, the Npower scheme was established to help Nigerian youths, and as such, anytime we see updates with relevant information we conduct research and publish it here on this website.
We came across some information detailing the location for Npower batch C device distribution that has been circulating online, so we decided to address it today.
The issue of the Npower device has never been discussed by the Npower management since the start of the batch C initiative, let alone the distribution venue. To avoid any situations or thoughts that may lead to device expectations, we recommend that you disregard any device-related information until Npower management decides to provide you with an update.
Even batch B of Npower was not given the device. The Npower device was only given to Npower batch A because they were the first to participate in the Npower scheme.
Another topic that needed to be addressed was the Npower Batch C program’s duration. Some of you have mentioned that the Npower leaving period has been extended beyond the 12-month period. This is not the case; at no point did Npower management mention extending batch C beyond the 12-month period.
Approximately 500,000 Batch C stream 1 Npower beneficiaries are currently enrolled, and they have completed nearly 7 months of the 12-month program. You may recall that over 500,000 batch C stream 2 Npower applicants are also awaiting enrollment.
So, until Npower management determines differently, the extension of batch C stream 1 beyond 12 months may not be apparent.
Meanwhile, the Npower 2022 March stipends payment has been initiated for batch C stream 1 beneficiaries, and payment will begin at any time soon.

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