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P-Yes Application Portal 2022| How to Register and get Empowered by the Nigerian Government

P-Yes Application Portal 2022| How to Register and get Empowered by the Nigerian Government
The Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme is a public hierarchy program set up by the Nigerian government to empower youths in the country with skills, training, and further development.
The scheme is designed by the office of the Special Assistant to the President on Youths and Students Affairs.
This post will help those who have been asking how they can register for p-pes including those who want to know if registration is probable in 2022. Yes, registration is probable this year and you can be part of those who may benefit new from the scheme.

What Is P-Yes?

As I’ve said, the scheme is powered by the Nigerian government to create plenty of jobs and to lift many youths out of misery by empowering them with skills and training.
The scheme is to be run by the state government, multilateral development agencies, and private sectors. What this means is that there will always be something for everyone who registered for the program.
Everyone who has been trained through the scheme will be able to create jobs for themselves, have the compelled skills to be independent in the community, and may encounter different opportunities that may be beneficial to him and the community.
So I’ve created this post to enunciate how to register for p-yes, check your application status, and verify your details on the portal.

Who is eligible to apply?

The interested person must be a Nigerian who is not older than 40 at the time of sending the application.
Secondly, they must have a valid ID as a means of identification and verification. It can be either voter’s card, driver’s license, NIN, or any other suitable means of valid identification.
Applicants must also have a guarantor who is either a community leader or a religious leader.
These are the basic requirements for application. However, each person applying for the scheme is expected to be fluent in English and have the ability to communicate with others in their community.
The good part of the program is that anyone can apply as long as they are Nigerians. Graduates or non-graduates.
So if you have friends who don’t know about the scheme, you’re free to parcel this post with them as they may benefit from it. The Nigerian government has made it simple for anyone to register with the program.

How to apply for P-yes

If you meet the requirements you can apply for the scheme. The provisions are not that strict, all you have to do is meet the above-mentioned criteria and you’re qualified to apply.
Visit the official portal for registration if you’re eligible. The website to use is:
As I’ve said, the P-Yes scheme cordially sponsored and monitored by the office of the President is open to anyone both graduate and undergraduate, and non-graduate.
Everyone has a stake in the program as long as you’re a Nigerian with a passion for the country and has what it takes to succeedin yourr field of expertise.

P-yes Application Portal 2022 (Registration Guidelines)

Step 1: To apply, first visit the portal
Step 2: Create a password you can remember. Make sure the password is strong and contains 12 digits.
Step 3: Verify your email address
An email will be sent prompting you to verify your email address.
Follow these steps to start your P-yes journey.
Due to a large number of applicants, your profile must be approved before you can continue signing up for the scheme. So you’re required to be patient until your application is approved.
But for the time being, keep checking and logging in to your account to contain the approval process.
The P-yes application portal is still open for the new intake. Those whose account is still pending are waiting for approval before they can continue with their registration.
We’ll provide an update as soon as verification and account update is up and running on this website.

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