Npower News Today April 30 2022 | NEXIT Applicants Upset Over Planned EDIs Business Fee

Npower News Today April 30 2022 | NEXIT Applicants Upset Over Planned EDIs Business Fee.
Many Nexit applicants are upset that their EDI is pressuring them to pay a price for a business plan that they claim they can develop on their own. They have contacted Npowerng management to inquire about the matter and take appropriate measures.
According to a complaint posted by a Nexit applicant on one of the volunteer’s social media platforms, “This EDI is instilling fear in the hearts of our people and pressuring them to pay the fee, implying that those of us who refuse to pay will have our attendance and application (business plan) that we prepared ourselves rejected.
He said that most, if not all, of us, are graduates, some of us are experienced business people who simply need this loan to expand their businesses, and some of us are consultants who can help with business plans and feasibility studies.
As in, what is the use of training a graduate in how to do something and then insisting on doing it for him? If you still believe they can’t do it on their own, that just indicates you, the trainer, have failed in your responsibilities. This is a complete scam, and our people have suffered and spent a lot of money as a result of the process of enrolling for this nexit, being shortlisted, and even attending the training without any compensation”, he added.
He mentioned a specific EDI in charge of Ekiti training, adding that it originally issued a free online business plan template, which many people used, and those who couldn’t do it themselves hired specialists to draft and fill it out for them.
Expending again on that, only for EDI! to discard everything after almost a month and call up everything after almost a month and come up with their own ‘pay and get online’s template, which could only generate a business plan for 27 businesses, and those who want to do the same business will almost certainly have the same business proposal layout with only the personal details differentiating their acclaimed perfect business plan. In the midst of anguish, this is a huge con.
He went on to say that they will only obey Npower’s directives to pay the EDI before succumbing to their intimidation.

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