How to contact NPF Micro Finance bank without visiting their Branch

How to contact NPF Micro Finance bank without visiting their Branch.
You’ve come to the right site if you’ve been looking for a way to contact NPF microfinance bank without having to go to one of their branches.
The Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development (FMYSD) has completely authorized NPF microfinance to disburse NYIF loan proceeds to successful borrowers.
All beneficiaries are expected to be informed of their mode of operation as a disbursing entity because they will also be in charge of collecting loans.
However, most of these beneficiaries have found it impossible to reach them, and as a result, some of them still do not have access to their loans despite being part of the selected individual.
There are a variety of ways to reach them, but the quickest and most convenient method is to call them through some of their contact details.
Beneficiaries can also contact them by email, but the prospects of receiving a response are small. In this case, the only advised method of communication is through phone calls and text messaging.

Contacting NPF microfinance bank

If you have a problem with your account, use these steps to contact them. If you’re having trouble downloading the app, we’ve published an article on it, which you can read here; otherwise, keep reading.
Step 1: Send them an email.
Because not every branch has its own email address, there is no guarantee that your email will be read or returned.
You can, however, send an email to their official address. ccare@npfmicrofinancebank.com is the official mailing address.
Step 2: Make a phone call
Calling their phone number, which is listed below, is the quickest way to get in touch with them and get your problem fixed.
Make a phone call to the branch that is closest to you.
Some of the numbers to call are:
Abuja: 0807-4550-554, 0807-4550-565
Lagos: 0807-4550-262, 0807-4550-294
Port Harcourt: 0807-4550-307, 0807-4550-331
Kano: 0807-4550-354, 0807-4550-366
Osogbo: 0807-4550-372, 0807-4550-374
Benin: 0807-4550-408, 0807-4550-415
Sokoto: 0807-4550-419, 0807-4550-429
Onitcha: 0807-4550-443, 0807-4550-439
Akure: 0807-4550-469, 0807-4550-476
Lokoja: 0807-4550-480, 0807-4550-495
Yola: 0807-4550-387, 0807-4550-598
Bauchi: 0807-455-0879, 0807-455-0966
Lafia: 0807-460-4394, 0807-460-4089
Enugu: 0807-4550-966
Kaduna: 0807-4108-748
Abeokuta: 0807-7410-877
Ibadan: 0807-7410-630
Aba: 0807-7411-103
Asaba: 0807-7411-114
Calabar: 0807-7411-272
Awka: 0807-7411-198
Jos: 0811-3490-737
Ado-Ekiti: 0811-3490-736
Makurdi: 0811-3490-735
Uyo: 0811-3490-734
Owerri: 0811-3490-733
Ilorin: 0811-3490-732
Minna: 0811-3490-731
These are some of the most convenient ways to contact the bank if you have a problem that requires a visit.
If you are able to get through any of the lines, they will inform you whether or not you should visit their branch.

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