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ASUU STRIKE: Female student writes heartfelt message to FG and ASUU over prolonged strike

ASUU STRIKE: Female student writes heartfelt message to FG and ASUU over the prolonged strike.
A distressed Nigerian female student has sent a heartfelt letter to the Federal Government and the ASUU over the ongoing strike.
Goodie Kosarachi, a young Nigerian poet and a student at Alex Ekwueme Federal University in Ndufu-Alike, Ebonyi State, has written a heartfelt open letter to the striking Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) and the Federal Government for failing to resolve the dispute that has paralyzed academic activities across the country.
Kosarachi expressed disappointment in both parties in the open letter, which she uploaded on Facebook while recalling the impact and detriment of the ongoing strike on students and parents.
Read the letter below:
“Dear FG and ASUU,
“I’m not sure if any of you will see this letter of mine, and if at all any of you comes across it, you might be too busy with your agitations to even take a glance at it. FG and ASUU, I’ve come to understand that you both are tirelessly fighting to make noticeable progress as to the aspect you deem appropriate. While one is fighting for the betterment of its members, the other is trying to reach a compromise; it appears the former’s demand is so enormous for the latter to take immediate actions.
I understand this very much, however, I’ll like to bring your attention to something very important, and that is the fact that you’ve successfully turned the innocent students to pawns in this game you both are playing. And please don’t tell me anything about using this period to learn a trade or acquire a skill. That’s a good thing but if we were more interested in learning any of these things why stress ourselves to acquire this education?
Some of us have spent a year, two and more in our various universities that we have somehow managed to consider it a home. Some of us have built relationships and human networking, some of us have married our courses and you both are separating us from these beautiful things. Need I tell you about the effect this issue will have on us once we get back to school. A lot of us will have to start re-adjusting to the environment. Learning under duress, having lectures back to back, covering the curriculum in a rush, what about some practical courses? This isn’t fair at all.
FG and ASUU, it might interest you to know that some of us have our lives planned out before now and this is not only disrupting our plans but also leaving indelible mark on the sheets of our lives. The certificate may not be important as the State makes it look like, but we still want to get it. Education may not be valued in this part of the world but sir, we want to acquire it. This is supposed to be a free amenity to us yet we pay to receive the services and despite that we receive very little of what we paid for. How do you justify your actions?
“Well, I’m learning a skill. Practicing how to weave words using pen and paper. That means I get to learn more and write to you both, from time to time. I’ll be happy to show just how much of a fast learner I am…….”

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