Former ABU Lecturer who fostered over 100 children in the United States has died

Dr. Daniel O. Ngur, a former lecturer at Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, died on Monday at ProMedica Toledo Hospital in Ohio. He was 71 years old at the time.
According to the Lucas County coroner’s office, Dr. Ngur died on April 18, 2022, from postural asphyxia, a complication of injuries sustained when his vehicle drove off the right side of the 4200 block of Corey Road in Sylvania Township.
Daniel O. Ngur was born in Benue State, Nigeria, on February 2, 1951, to the late David and Kazai Ngur-Adi. Dan graduated from Bristol Missionary School, then the Federal Government College in Sokoto, with a high level of intelligence and a strong work ethic.

Former ABU Lecturer who fostered over 100 children in the United States has died
Dr. Daniel O. Ngur

He graduated from Zaria’s elite Ahmadu Bello University with bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees. He stayed at the institution for more than a decade, teaching Pharmacy. He also taught in Czechoslovakia as a visiting professor.
He was offered a post-doctoral position in Neuropharmacology at the Medical College of Ohio in Toledo in October 1988.
Dan went on to engage in research at the University of Toledo Department of Pharmacy for three years after his family joined him in March 1989, before practicing pharmacy at various local pharmacies.
In 1996, Mr. Ngur received his Ohio pharmacist license. He worked in retail and hospital settings over the years, as well as as an IV pharmacist at Heartland Healthcare Services on South Avenue, a long-term care pharmaceutical supplier. In 2016, he announced his retirement.
Dan enjoyed medicine, but his faith and love for God drove him to assist in the healing of both bodies and souls. He was a tenacious seeker of truth and love, sharing it with others in whatever manner he could, including fostering more than 100 children with his family through Lucas County Children’s Services.
“It’s what they felt called to do,” daughter Erdoo said, “to create a secure refuge for those youngsters.” “It all comes down to healing.” He was passionate about not only mending and rebuilding bodies but also souls.”
“They were completely different persons when they walked in and who they were when they walked out,” daughter Erdoo said of the kids.
Tennis and golf were two of his favorite sports. He filmed himself playing guitar and singing worship music and gave the tapes to his children as a self-taught musician. He was a handyman who ate well and knew how to fix things around the house.
Daniel O. Ngur patiently carried his cross, day by day, following God’s will for his life. He will be remembered for leading a Godly life and sharing God’s presence with the rest of the world.
“Healing wasn’t just a job for him. “It was just who he was,” Erdoo said. “He was very composed. We were free to be ourselves because we knew he would always be there. He was a sweet and compassionate man, but he was a man of great stature.”
Daniel O. Ngur and his wife were members of Shekinah Church in Ann Arbor and had been commissioned as ministers by Glory of Zion International Church in Corinth, Texas.
His wife, Nema; children, Terwase (Amanda) Ngur, Ember Ngur, Nguumbur (Ray) Eads, Erdoo Ngur, Bem Ngur, and Mwuese Ngur; grandchildren, Luna Grace, London Lee, and Theodore “Teddy” Abeo are left to love his memory and continue on his legacy.
On Monday, April 25, 2022, at 10:30 a.m., a memorial ceremony for Daniel O. Ngur will be placed at the Walker Funeral Home, 5155 Sylvania Ave. (west of Corey Rd. ), where the reception will begin at 9:00 a.m. The funeral will be held at Toledo Memorial Park.

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