NYIF LOAN: 3 steps to check your NPF Microfinance Bank account balance

NYIF LOAN: 3 steps to check your NPF Microfinance Bank account balance
Its official the NPF microfinance bank has started crediting successful beneficiaries their NYIF loans as instructed by the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development (FMYSD).
Recall that the Ministry partnered with the bank as the disbursing body for 2022 National Youth Investment Funds to approve applicants after successfully screening a list of 25.000 youths for this year’s loan, as compared to the previous exercise with about 6.000 applicants in 2020.
However, after a long wait and continuous documentation by beneficiaries, the NPF microfinance bank has started disbursement to successful applicants who have signed and accepted their offer letters.
As a result, if you’re part of the beneficiaries and still don’t know how to check your account balance, you have come to the right place. As this post is intended for people like you.
If you haven’t created your account yet, or you haven’t submitted your offer letter as instructed by the bank before your loan will be disbursed to you, refer to our previous guide on How To Download NYIF Offer Letter, Fill & Summit Successfully.
Many successful beneficiaries are still finding the right channel to check their account balance after sending their offer letter. In this case, I’ve listed 3 easy steps and methods to follow and check your account balance with ease.

Checking your NPF microfinance bank account balance

Follow this guide to check your account balance:
Method 1. Use the USSD code
The first method to check account balance is using their USSD shortcode. This code is the official mobile banking code of the NPF microfinance bank.
To check your account, simply dial *5757# and follow the prompt that said Balance Enquiry.
If the code is not working it might be due to a network issue. Just continue to try and alternatively consider the other options below.
Method 2. Transfer to your account
Another option and probably one of the easiest ways to confirm your loan is by transferring a little amount of money to your NPF microfinance account and confirming if your loan is there.
This is what many have done to confirm if the loan has been credited into their accounts.
You can transfer as low as N100 to confirm your loan.
Method 3. Downloading the mobile app
The mobile is the least option I will advise beneficiaries to try.
This is because after downloading the app, you’ll still need to visit any of their branches to create a password.
And again you may not find the app on Playstore or Appstore due to maintenance and other issues many people are facing with it.
According to NPF microfinance bank, the app is currently unavailable on Playstore but you can use the official website internet banking to check your account. All of this still requires you to visit the bank and set your password.
I am sure this article has solved the confusion of many beneficiaries who have been stalling on how to check their account balance to confirm if their loan has been credited.

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