JUST IN: NPF Microfinance begins NYIF loan disbursement to beneficiaries

JUST IN: NPF microfinance bank begins NYIF loan disbursement to beneficiaries.
Recall the Honorable Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Mr. Sunday Dare, on Tuesday, issue a statement about the 2022 NYIF loans which he said his ministry would start disbursement to successful beneficiaries.
The Minister also said that around 25.000 youths are set to benefit from the loan after 6.000 beneficiaries were selected in 2020.
This year’s number of beneficiaries is 10 times more than the previous applicants who benefited from the scheme. You can read the complete statement here. NYIF LOAN DISBURSEMENT: Today’s News & Updates from FMYSD April 20, 2022
However, just a few hours after he made the claims, the NPF microfinance bank which happens to be the institution responsible for disbursing the loan began disbursing to successful beneficiaries who have completed their documentation.
This is official as many people have checked their accounts and saw their loan already in their account
You may not see an alert on your phone. But you’re advised to check your account balance or transfer money to your NPF microfinance bank account. This is what many beneficiaries have done to confirm their loan.

How to check your account balance

To check your account balance with the bank, there are two processes you can do.
First, dial the code *5757#
Second, download their mobile app on Playstore or Appstore.
Just search for NPF microfinance bank.
If any of these processes is proving abortive, you can contact one of their agents with the phone numbers provided in the email sent to you.
Alternatively, you can visit the website www.npfmicrofinancebank.com to check your account.
If you’re still finding it stressful to check your account, reach out to the webmaster of this website for assistance and recommendation.
The NPF microfinance has not instructed anyone to approach people or third parties for account opening or checking. If you can open an account or you’ve opened one but find it difficult to check your account, please refer to the right channel to get your challenge fixed.

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