NYIF Disbursement: What to do if your account wasn’t credited after an upgrade

NYIF Disbursement: What to do if your account wasn’t credited after an upgrade.
In this post, I will show you what to do if your account wasn’t credited after upgrading, although the bank has not commenced full-scale payment to beneficiaries who have accepted and signed their offer letter.
This post is also intended for those who may find themselves in such issues as many beneficiaries have already been asking how they can upgrade their account to avoid such problems occurring.

Note: Digital Information Network will publish the story when NPF microfinance bank starts full-scale payments. But for now, there is nothing like payment as speculated by people.

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Recall that from the start of this month the NPF microfinance bank partnered with the Ministry of Youth And Sport to be the sole facilitator and disbursing bank for the NYIF loan to successful beneficiaries.
However, since the start of the month, the bank has instructed beneficiaries to open an account in which their funds will be disbursed.
After beneficiaries successfully created their account, a follow-up mail was sent to prompt them to accept, sign, and send back their offer letter.
If you have accepted and signed your offer letter, there is nothing left for you to do now than to wait for further instruction from the bank, and if possible, your loan.
However, if in a situation where beneficiaries have started seeing alerts and you didn’t see yours, there may be issues with the account number you created.

Follow these steps to upgrade your account

Visit any of their branches
The first step to resolving your payment issue and upgrading your account is by visiting the bank.
Do not approach anyone for an account upgrade
Never approach anyone to help you upgrade your account as this may lead to loss of money or even a possible eviction from the scheme.
You are advised to only visit the bank and upgrade your account if the need arises. Even if you created the account in one of their branches, there is still a need to visit the bank if there is an issue with your loan.

What to do if your account wasn’t credited

First, verify that you really upgraded your account. To verify that your account was upgraded, call any of the phone numbers in the email that was sent to you by the bank.
The bank will help you verify if truly your account was upgraded. If the account wasn’t upgraded, they will provide you with further assistance on how to upgrade the account.
But, nevertheless, never approach anyone for an account upgrade or verification.

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