Update on Npower Batch C January Stipend, Today’s News April 18, 2022

Update on Npower Batch C January Stipend, Today’s News April 18, 2022.

Recently, the management controlling and foreseeing the Npower program Nasims released an official update as regards the January stipend which many people complain of not seeing their payments, particularly in some parts of Nigeria.
Nasim’s made it clear that the payment was never on hold as speculated by many people and beneficiaries should expect massive payouts in the coming days or even hours.
They have justified their statement as many beneficiaries received their stipend in the early hours of Monday, April 18. Some states that haven’t received the January stipend saw massive payouts to beneficiaries.
The declaration by Nasims that they haven’t suspended payments to beneficiaries was good news to many of these persons as many of them has waited for so long to finally get their January stipend.
Nasim’s officially released the statement as a result of the FAKE Facebook account that was circulating misinformation about the management suspending the January stipend.
Read the statement below again:
“NOTICE: Npower Batch C1 Beneficiaries,
“Please be advised that payment of January stipends is still in progress and has never been delayed owing to any technical issues as claimed, but was at a standstill owing to the Easter public holiday.”
“After the holiday, all official ministry activities and payments resume in full force.”
“Please be patient with us while we await your payment. In the update, NASIMS added, “Wishing you a joyful Easter holiday!”
Every beneficiary is encouraged to wait for an official update from the Ministry and Management. You can also follow our Facebook page and blog for official news and update about Npower and Nasims.
Payments are ongoing and massively with no doubt that almost every beneficiary has been paid their January stipend. If you haven’t been by now it must one issue or another. You’re advised to keep following Digital Information blog as every update will be published here.

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