NYIF Loan Disbursement: How to check your account balance with NPF MIcrofinance bank

NYIF Loan Disbursement: How to check your account balance with NPF MIcrofinance bank
As the National Youth Investment Fund, (NYIF) is massively approving beneficiaries’ loans and partnering with NPF microfinance bank, it is pertinent for successful beneficiaries to know how to check their account balance with the bank as many of them are already asking about how they can check their account status to know if their loans have been disbursed into the account they created.
Recall that the NPF microfinance bank sent successful applicants email messages asking them to sign and submit their offer letter before funds will be disbursed into the account they created with the bank.
As beneficiaries submitted their offer letters for final disbursement, regular checking of account balance should serve as best practices for maintaining and monitoring loans.
Of course, it is a wise decision to always check your account balance especially if you’ve successfully created your account.
Note: checking account balance won’t reflect anything if your loan has not been disbursed. But you can keep checking for the time being.
However, a fee of N10 will be charged in your account if your loan has been disbursed into the account number you created with the bank.

Why you should check your account balance

It is advisable for beneficiaries to check their account balance to know if their account has been credited. This will allow you to know what time the money was added and the stipulated amount that was credited.
Also, a credit alert may not arrive on time due to poor network in your area and other possible factors.
Checking of account balances is a method that should be considered best practices by the approved applicants on a daily basis.

How to check your NPF microfinance account

To check your account balance, there are three steps and methods involved. But we’ll be discussing the easiest method that should be practiced on a regular basis which is dialing a code that is (*5757#).
The other methods are considered an option and should be used by those who already have mastered such a method or technique.
But for those who want a simpler option, dialing the code (*5757#) is a more easy way to check your NPF microfinance account balance.
Keep checking even if there is no money in there. But once you noticed there is money in the account don’t check again because continuous checking will attract additional fees.
This is the simplest way to check your account balance with NPF microfinance bank for those who have successfully signed and submitted their offer letters. For more information and help, leave a comment for the webmaster in the comment section.


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    What may be the solution?
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  2. Please ooooh help me to go about everything,am tired😭😭😭 I have been trying to check my account balance but it’s just saying another thing

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