NYIF Offer Letter: What to do if your Offer Letter is not sending

NYIF Offer Letter: What to do if your offer Letter is not sending
Many beneficiaries are still having trouble getting their offer letters in the NPF microfinance bank’s mailboxes.
Recall that the NPF microfinance bank, which is in charge of delivering and disbursing loans to approved beneficiaries, just issued a new directive to beneficiaries, instructing them to sign and send their offer letter to the email address provided in the message.
However, several of these beneficiaries have expressed concern about how difficult it is for them to mail their offer letters after they have signed them.
If you’re one of them and are having the same problem, the best and most straightforward solution is to attempt it around 2 a.m., when the system has settled.
Because there aren’t enough people in line and they’re all asleep, your message will be sent at this time. Many people have tried this time and found it to be successful.
If it still doesn’t work by then, try again later in the day, and make sure you restart your app or delete some unwanted emails from your inbox and the spam folder to free up some memory.
Are you still facing this challenge after trying all the techniques in this post? Visit their nearest branch if the location is not too far from you.
However, I am confident that this strategy will work. If it doesn’t, please leave a message in the comments section for support.


  1. I’m still finding it difficult to submit my letter for like 2days now I even tried it in the middle of the night
    And there’s no branch where I am

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