How To Get your NIN Premium Slip With Ease (UPDATED)

In this post, I’ll show you how to get your National Identification Number (NIN) premium slip quickly and easily.
Many people have struggled to obtain their NIN premium slip, only to have their efforts fail.
The Nigerian government implemented the NIN a few months ago, making it mandatory for Nigerians to get one in order to continue to enjoy many of the government’s benefits and initiatives.
The most common example is linking your NIN to your phone numbers, which the government requires everyone to do in order to prevent being disconnected.
Many experts in the country applauded the move, believing that linking the NIN and making it necessary will alleviate many of the country’s problems, allowing Nigerians to benefit more from freedom and security.
Following the government’s repeated appeals to citizens who had yet to link their NINs, the Ministry asked telecoms to deactivate those who had not done so, and many people were unable to make calls with their numbers as a result.
However, if you have your NIN linked to your phone number and want to get the premium slip, this guide will show you how to do so with ease.

Why do you need the NIN premium slip?

There could be a variety of reasons why you need the premium slip. First, you might want to authenticate or verify a significant transaction; in this scenario, those without a driver’s license or an international passport will want to use the NIN.
You may also want to get a premium slip for quick verification for commercial and security reasons.
In this case, the advantages of having the NIN premium are outweighed by a slew of other considerations that could be critical at any given time.
So, how can you get your hands on a premium slip? There are only 2 methods to getting the premium NIN. I’ll explain these procedures to you in a friendly manner and suggest which one is ideal for you. The method that works for me.
As I previously stated, many people have attempted to obtain their premium slips but have been unsuccessful owing to hurdles posed by challenges. Some people have even paid a lot of money to get it, but owing to the actions they took, they were unable to do so.

How to get your premium NIN slip the easy way

Method 1. Downloading the NIMC app
First, download the app from the play store or app store whichever one you’re using.
After downloading the app, launch it and type in your security pin to log in.
MWS Mobile ID lock screen
Click on ‘PRINT NIN SLIP’ at the bottom of the homepage after you’ve logged in.
Print NIN Slip button
You’ll be landed on another page where your login ID and OTP have already been generated. Click the login button to proceed.
Print NIN Slip Login screen
Once you’re on the next page you’ll see ‘Print Premium Slip‘ which is what we want to print here. Click on it and tap the ‘Pay With Remita‘ to continue.
Print Premium Slip button
Pay With Remita button for Printing Premium NIN Slip
After you’ve entered your card details, don’t exit the page until your payment is confirmed. This is the mistake many people make and they were charged without printing their slip.
To avoid such, you must stay on the page till the system confirm your payment. Once you’ve been deemed successful, you’d see a message on the page that indicates that your payment was successful with a transaction reference as seen in the image below.
Remita Payment Successful screen
After your payment has been confirmed successful, you can then click on the ‘Print NIN Slip‘ button. You’ll be asked to choose where you want the downloaded pdf to be saved on your phone.
Once you’ve saved your pdf file, you can now exit the page.
Method 2. Visiting the branch
If you aren’t tech-savvy or don’t want to utilize the NIMC app, you can get your NIN premium slip by visiting any of their branches.
The branch will charge you N1000, whereas printing it from the app would cost you N1200.
However, I recommend that you use the second method, which is to visit any of the branches, as there are numerous branches where you may print your NIN slip without any hassle.
This is the simplest approach to obtaining your NIN premium slip without falling prey to criminals. If you have any further questions, you can post them in the comments section for assistance.

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