UPDATED: How To Download NYIF Offer Letter, Fill & Summit Successfully

As we all know that the National Youth Investment Fund is massively disbursing loans to successful beneficiaries on a higher scale.
This post is intended to teach those who are finding it difficult to download, fill, and submit their offer letter. Please remind you that an offer letter has been sent to successful beneficiaries who have opened an account with NPF microfinance bank, and as a result, are set to be disbursed their loans upon completing and accepting the offer letter.
You can find your offer letter in your spam folder. Use the link provided in this post.
Recall that the National Youth Investment Fund started sending approval to successful beneficiaries by emails and text messages through the NPF microfinance last week prompting them to open accounts with the bank.
The scheme has gained massive traction as many beneficiaries have successfully created their accounts and patiently waiting for the next move to get their loans.
However, a few hours ago, the NPF microfinance sent another email address containing an offer letter that will be filled and return back to them. For this reason, I’ve deemed it necessary to assist those who may be finding it difficult to download the offer letter with a broken link.

Downloading NYIF offer letter

To download the offer letter, click on the below link. The letter will be downloaded automatically.
Below is this offer letter you must download.
After that, you can either open the PDF file (the downloaded letter) with your computer or visit a nearby cyber cafe to open and fill out the form.

Filling the offer letter

Once you have downloaded the offer letter, some beneficiaries may still be confused about how to fill the required space as mandated by NPF microfinance.
In this case, you’re going to leave some brackets empty as it would be handled by the officials of the bank. Examples of space you are to leave empty are repayment amount and interest rate.
The remaining space you are to fill is your name, address, loan amount, date, loan tenor, and signature.

Sending your offer letter

Once you’ve successfully filled the offer letter, you can now send it back to them through the email address on your mail. Please note that in some cases you’re trying to send your offer letter, you may find little challenges and may be unable to send it. This may be due to the receiver mailbox, keep trying till it delivers.
This is how to download and fill the offer letter with ease.
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  1. What if after seeing this article I realized that I made a mistake but I already submitted it, can I refill it and send it again?

  2. Please I need an assistant. The link that NYIF sent to me for the submission of my offer letter is wipe out from my gmail and I try to recover it I could not. What should I do? Should I go to NPF microfinance bank to do that?

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