FG Unveils Online Job Opportunities For Unemployed Youths

The federal government unveiled the development of a unified job chances website for unemployed people in the 36 states of the union.
Mr. Sunday Dare, the Minister of Youths and Sports Development, made the announcement following a three-day sensitization workshop on the use of the Nigeria Online Youth Assembly (NOYA) platform, which was held concurrently at the National Youth Development Centre in Ode Omu, Osun State.
The minister explained that the NOYA “is an initiative of the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development developed in order to empower Nigeria youth by disseminating timely information on career-enhancing, trainings, job, and employment placement opportunities via a unified platform,” as represented by Mr. Segun Oke, the Ministry’s Director of Procurement.
The Director of Procurement, speaking to the youths in Ode Omu, stated that Mr. President’s key attention to the country’s youth “also established the context through which the logic of the NOYA and Digital Entrepreneurship Employability Leadership (DEEL) project of the Ministry emerged.”
“The Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development believes that young people’s energy, skills, and aspirations are valuable assets that no country can afford to waste and that assisting them in realizing their full potential by gaining employment is without a doubt a prerequisite for poverty eradication and long-term development.” Rather than viewing kids as a burden on society, the construction of a youth job template provides the government with a unique opportunity to focus on youth employment and job creation.”
“My Ministry in the last few years in the area of job and employment creation has conducted different skills acquisition and empowerment programs as a result of the need for investment in the youth in a deliberate and planned manner and as a sustainable pathway to lifting a huge number of Nigerian youth out of poverty to sustain them in productive and viable occupational engagement,” Oke reported the Minister as saying.
“On this note, my Ministry is raising awareness and developing innovative opportunities for Nigerian youth by advancing nimble values and principles, creating a safe space for networking, learning new skills, sharing ideas, and flourishing together by leveraging the Nigerian Online Youth Assembly (NOYA) to crowdsource youth employment in Nigeria.”
“Despite the numerous problems they typically encounter, such as age and gender discrimination, a lack of resources, and unemployment, young people have played crucial roles in leading worldwide movements that have altered the world throughout the years.” As a result, allow me to state that the NOYA platform aims to re-invent the future of Nigerian young via the use of knowledge and creativity in order to help them avoid poverty traps, unemployment, immoral deeds, and other unhealthy plaques that are present in our society.
“Now that I’ve been educated about the different opportunities accessible on the NOYA platform, I encourage all of the youth present today, as well as all Nigerian youth, to take up the challenge of self-development that would assist youth participation in nation building.” Take advantage of possibilities for skill development and other options that will offer you a competitive advantage in the global market because you have the potential, abilities, and energy.”
NOYA, according to Oke, was put in place by the federal government in keeping with President Muhammadu Buhari’s principal goal of creating jobs for the teeming Nigerian youth and lifting 100 million Nigerians out of poverty in the next ten years.
Credit: NAN

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