Take note of these important things before buying a land in Nigeria

There are a few things to consider before buying a plot of land in Nigeria. Purchasing a piece of land isn’t as straightforward as you may imagine. Some people rush to buy a piece of land, only to regret their decision later. This is because they never set aside time to get the relevant data.
In this post, we’ll look at four crucial factors to think about before buying a plot of land anywhere in Nigeria.

1. The size of the land

Before you buy land, double-check that the size of the property matches what the vendor said.
To get an accurate land size measurement, you’ll need to hire a reputable and qualified surveyor. You should aim to hire your own surveyor as much as possible because some unscrupulous land dealers utilize their own surveyors who provide erroneous measurements.

2. The type of soil and the land’s topography

The type of soil is crucial since it impacts the land’s utility. A muddy area, for example, is not suitable for building construction. During the dry seasons, some wet places appear to be dry, therefore you should inquire from residents in the area.
Another consideration is topography. The structure of the terrain, such as a sloppy or flat surface, is referred to as topography. Flooding and soil erosion is likely to occur as a result of sloppy terrain. Construction costs are considerably higher on sloppy terrain.

3. Access to electricity, safety, and a good road

You should think about the security of the area where the land is located before purchasing it. Another factor to consider is the availability of good roads and electricity.

4. Find out who the real owner is

There have been countless instances of one family member selling land that belonged to another family member, which frequently leads to legal action.
To avoid becoming a victim, always inquire about the true owner of a piece of land before buying it.

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